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A Day in the Humble Walk

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who supported The Humble Walk through our Day in the Humble Walk campaign this year! Come back in November for our 2021 campaign.

Find out more about donating here!

What IS This?

We invite you to partner with us as we walk together living out our faith everyday! 


It costs over $135,000 a year to do Campus Ministry. Your support will help us with our after-school programs in immigrant communities, our service-learning trips both domestic and abroad, and our weekly worship and events. 


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Which Day?

You can sponsor any day (or more than one)! It could be a special day, like a birthday or baptismal anniversary, Easter or Christmas, the start of the semester or graduation.  You can also click here to see what the students at Humble Walk will be up to on a specific day.

Each day is connected to a dollar donation (Ex: January 31 is $31). Scroll down and just click on a date you'd like to sponsor.  You'll be taken to the donation page where you'll enter the amount and your information.

Thanks for helping make this ministry possible!

Thank You For Your Support

= Day Sponsored!

*System takes 24 hours to update

Payment Options:

- Send an email to to pay by check

- Pay by Venmo through @LutheranTerps

- Click a date to pay through Vanco

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